Thiago Musa

With over 15 years of experience in the Information Security Industry, Thiago Musa is the Director for Trustwave SpiderLabs in Latin America and the Caribbean. He has led a team of pentesters and incident responders for over four years, working in major cases and companies across the region. Previously, Thiago acted as the CSO at M4U, a mobile payment and recharge company, as well as a Senior Security Consultant in large strategic projects for the public and the private sector. As a professional speaker, Mr. Musa has spoken at multiple international conferences such as Microsoft DCC, RSA Asia Pacific, Cartes, ETA Transact, Black Hat São Paulo, H2HC, and MTS, among others

What the Hack? Cybercrime in Latin Americas

With 33 countries, 13 other territories and a total population of over 670+ Million people, the LATAM region is estimated to reach 375+ Million connected users by the end of 2018. But unfortunately, as we have seen in the field, there’s a long road ahead for the region to become adequately prepared for current threats. In fact, LATAM has become one of the favorite targets for cybercriminals given the lack of appropriate legislation in most countries and high profit margins due to minimal security practices and basic public awareness around evolving security issues.
Many recent investigations and penetration tests we have performed in major institutions from the private and public sector and thorough security research, helped us form several observations about the current threat landscape in the LATAM region.
In this presentation, we will review several channels used by cybercriminals, critical threats we have identified, and highlight recent real-case examples. In addition, we’ll provide special focus on ATM security and highlight recent vulnerabilities we have discovered and researched as ATM heists continue to grow and flourish in LATAM.