Brian Contos is the CISO and VP Security Strategy at Verodin. He has
over two decades of security experience. He has worked in over 50
countries, across six continents, for organizations like: DISA, Bell Labs,
Riptech, ArcSight, Imperva, McAfee and Solera Networks. Brian is an
entrepreneur, board advisor, and published author. His last book was
with the former Deputy Director of the NSA. Brian is frequently featured
in the news and on TV. He recently appeared in a cyberwar
documentary alongside General Michael Hayden (former Director NSA
and CIA).

Instrumenting Security: So your security doesn’t suck

You have many security products, probably too many. But you are still not secure because it’s nearly impossible to know if your security products are actually doing what you want. Through live network and endpoint attack demonstrations, see how to use attack behaviors with Bartalex, Vawtrak, Mimikatz, PowerShell, Tunneling and others to validate your actual security products are working. See startling statistics, based on real-life case studies, that illustrate how ineffective many organizations, some with massive security budgets and teams, actually are because of a lack of validation. See how you can turn these attacks into an opportunity to instrument more effective security.